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‘Last Man Stands’ Football Fundraiser

‘Last Man Stands’ Football Fundraiser

‘Last Man Stands’ Football Fundraiser

We are running Last man Stands, a football predictor competition during the football season. If you want to be included when the current competion ends please get in touch via e-mail lastmanstandsacc@yahoo.co.uk


I know its the cricket season but you might know the football season has started (did it ever finish?)

Our winter fundraiser is Last Man Stands,

Last Man Stands is a exciting fundraiser for the cricket section this winter and a way to earn several hundred pounds

For those of you who don’t know the rules it is a simple format. Rules as follows:

1) £10.00 entry- (Paid online or cash to the club)
2) Winner claims 2/3 of the pot, with 1/3 going to the club, please invite friends, family, work colleagues etc.
3) Each week of the season, you pick one team from any of the 4 English leagues, Premier League, Championship, League 1 or League 2 (starting week 3 – 25th/26th Aug) you chose one team you think will win that week (Sat and Sun matches only)
4) If your team win you advance to the next round, if they lose or draw you are out.
5) You can only choose each team once so choose wisely as it gets harder each week.
6) There can only be one winner, as name suggests ‘Last Man Stands’. If all remaining players knocked out in one round, prize money rolls over to the next edition.
7) We will continue running this throughout the season with new editions each time we have a winner or everyone is knocked out- so

How this will work, practically:
1) Pay £10.00 internet banking Account number 00911872 sort code 309016 before the competition begins.
2) E.mail lastmanstandsacc@yahoo.co.uk with your first pick and your name, by midnight Thursday each week
3) Selections will be collated Friday and emailed to all so people can see who has chosen who.
4) If your team wins you will be emailed by Tuesday asking for next selection.

Feel free to pass this onto colleagues and friends